Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dreams are Reachable

One person working toward a dream is worth 99 people just working.

Lani Kraus, writer

Dreams give you purpose - something to strive for. You continuously grow, reaching for this goal. Sometimes the goal comes easily. For many, the goal seems out of reach. This is how I feel right now - my dreams are unreachable. But, from experience, I know that if I work at them, little by little, dreams are reachable! I read that -- if you write down your dream, break it up into attainable pieces, and look at the parts instead of the whole thing -- as you cross off the parts accomplished, you can see that this dream can be realized.

Nothing has come easily to me. I've had to work hard for everything I have received in my life. I'm not complaining. This has made me a stronger person. For example, I paid my way through college. Yes, I didn't get top grades, but okay grades. But yet, I appreciate what it took for me to get that degree, and it wasn't just studying. I always envied girls in my house that had brand new clothes and nice cars. I wore t-shirts and jeans, and drove a beater car. I had to work instead of party. Since I worked so hard to get through school, I know I accomplished something great!

You can also realize your dreams! It may take a lot of work and time, but, in the end, it is so worth it! Dream Big! Reach for the Stars!

Money Savings Tip

Before you use a coupon, check to see what quantity is really cheaper. Sometimes it pays to use the coupon for the smaller item.


I need your help! I'm looking for easy broccoli recipes. I have an over abundance of broccoli in my garden this year. Please help me out and post your recipe.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Aunt Janet's Sayings

Since my mom's birthday just past, I thought it was appropriate to pass on one of my famous quotes that my nieces and nephews will remember me saying long after I'm gone. (Gives you an idea of how many times I've said this one.)

The Bible says "Honor thy mother and father" period. It does not say only if you
can go out with your friends, only if they give you money, ... It says period.

Easy Recipe

Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas

Cut up Bananas into chunks. Freeze for at least one half hour. Melt milk chocolate chips in microwave. I just melt what I need to cover bananas. You can always melt more. Dip banana chunks in hot chocolate and eat (or put on tray covered with wax paper). So good and easy!

Money Saving Tip

This is one way to save money that I learned from my dog. Use re-usable plastic containers to store left-overs. (How did my dog teach me this? She figured out how to open my kitchen drawers and ate all my plastic wrap, tin foil, and plastic bags.)

Time Saving Tip

Okay - this is your turn. Please post one of your time saving tips. I would love to hear from everyone that reads my blog!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

If there is something to gain and nothing to lose by asking, by all means ASK!

W.C. Stone

Easy Recipe

Dill Dip

1 Tbs seasoned salt
1 tsp dill weed
OR 1 Tbs Pampered Chef Dill Seasoning
1 cup mayo
1 cup sour cream

Great with fresh veggies!

Money Savings Tip

Bring your own coffee, tea, or pop to work. Think about how much you spend each day on these items, and figure out how much you would save a week, a month, a year! It really adds up.

Time Savings Tip

Wardrobe Hunt! This is one thing that I plan to do this week. Invite a friend over and go through all your clothes.

1. Find out what goes together.
2. Organize closet and drawers, keeping these items together.
3. Give away anything that is out of fashion or no longer fits.
4. Make a list of pieces that you need to complete wardrobe.
5. Remember, jewelry can change and enhance any outfit!

This will eliminate wasted time trying to find something to wear, like I am doing every morning.
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