Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blessings in Small Packages

But as for you, be strong and do not give up,
for your work will be rewarded.
2 Chronicles 15:7

Ever stop and shout at the top of your lungs: "Stop the world and let me off.  I've had enough.  Enough, enough, ENOUGH!  Please make it all go away!" Then I usually pause and quietly ask: "Hi, remember me?  I try so hard.  Help me, please!"

Okay, I've had one of the decades.  You know, the kind that everything and anything goes wrong.  I've tried to keep a cheerful spirit, I've tried to be kind and turn the other cheek, I've gave to others, without them realizing or acknowledging it, and I've prayed so hard, asking, and then pleading for this to end.  I've:
  • even tried old wife's tails  (burying St. Joseph, a couple of times for good measure, being prepared "just in cause I got into an accident" or something doesn't go according to plan), 
  • contemplated superstitions (Did I break a mirror?  Since I rescued a black cat living in the building's basement, are they possessed?  Did anyone die in the buildings, and now that person haunts them?  I walked under a ladder millions of times while we were working on them - is that why I'm having bad luck?),
  • and even looked into my spirituality (Did I hurt someone and not know it?  Is it because I don't go to church every week?  Was there someone in need that I did not take care of?  Did I do something wrong and unchristian like?).
Well, in my journey to find answers, I did discover a couple of things.  The person that I may have not taken care of is myself.  I need to take time to enjoy the small things in life, and be gracious for the many good things that happen to me.  For example, this week I finally went into our piggy bank, and, even though there is negative in the bank, God keeps sending me money for daily living, so I'm never without what I truly need.  First the piggy bank - it bought gas to get me to work this week, and food so I could eat this week.  I've had a lot of friends buy jewelry, food, and kitchen gadgets from my businesses this week, so more money will be coming in shortly.  So, He has taken care of my needs this week.

I was getting tired of turning the other cheek.  Then I found the following thought -  "Why must we turn the other cheek? Why must we give our cloak to one who’s already stolen our coat? Maybe it is because we know that nothing can really harm us in the end. Sure, a slap on the cheek may hurt, but it would soon heal, if we believe and allow it to. Sure, we may have lost our coat and our cloak. But through the laws of the universe and the goodness of God, we shall recover whatever it is we may have lost… and much more."  Thanks Jocelyn Soriano, author of "I Take Off the Mask Blog".

Lastly, I learned that God sends family and friends when it seems intolerable.  Family that is there when you can't stop the tears, friends with like problems to complain with, friends who will treat you to a movie because you don't have any money, friends that will have a home show for you to help make money, and family and friends that will call just to see how you are doing.  All this in just one week.  I am truly blessed with giving and caring family and friends, and God is awesome.  He truly does take care of me!

Money Savings Tip

Have an emergency fund of $1000.00.  After reading numerous books and talking to many financial consultants, I've discovered how important this is.  Especially after this week.  Money ran out because a large check I received bounced nine days after I deposited it.  Which leads to my second tip...

After talking to the bank, I discovered that a deposited check could take up to two weeks to clear or be returned for insufficient funds.  So, even though you deposited the check at the beginning of the week, the money may not be in your account for two weeks.  If you keep this in mind, you will not bounce any checks that you write.  And, if you have an emergency fund, you will be prepared in case this ever does happen.

You may say, like me, I don't have $1000 to put in an emergency fund.  I was told to save half of what is left over from your living expenses, and put it into an emergency fund until I have the $1000.  Then, only touch this fund when emergencies arise - like a received check bouncing, a car breaking down, a washer on the fritz, etc.  A very valuable lesson.  I wish I learned it a couple of months ago.

Money Making Tips

Spread the word about your business.  In my case, I started to hand out catalogs, email out specials, and just talk to people about my situation.  Even though I still have major financial problems, the outpouring of support and orders really helps.  Thanks!  If you are interested in buying one of the products I sell (jewelry, tasty foods, or kitchen gadgets), please email me at

One request - If you do your Christmas shopping through the internet, please start at my blog, and click away.  I get a small percentage of whatever sells.  I will be updating my business links this weekend.  So, you'll be able to shop, directly from my site, at Sears, Kmart, Kohls, Barnes and Nobles, and many more.  In appreciation for your help, I thank you!  No amount is too small to help a friend in need.

I am grateful,
Aunt Janet

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