Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Listen to the Silence & Hear

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said.
~Author Unknown

I had one of those nights where I just did not understand what was being said to me. I kept asking questions, but still didn't get it. She became more persistent, trying to explain herself, sometimes loudly, but I still couldn't understand. After going through everything I thought was being said, I finally realized, she wasn't talking to me. She was talking to Maggie.

Okay - Puppy kept barking all night. One of those barks that is trying to tell you something. Puppy is dying of bone cancer, so I try to listen closely to what she is trying to say. Having been her mom for over eleven years, I usually get it. I understand her, and she understands me. But tonight was one of those nights that I just wasn't hearing her. After I asked her for the umpteenth time if she wanted to go out, she decided to take me up on it, only to trick Maggie so she'd get up and go to the door. Puppy then went to the spot where Maggie had been sleeping. All along, she wasn't talking to me - she just wanted Maggie to move. So, in the end, as Maggie continued to snore, she used me to help her communicate to Maggie "Get up! I want that spot, now!"

Now, content, she is sound asleep, and Maggie is bugging me. Not having as many years with her as Puppy, I don't completely understand her yet, but I think she wants to go out.

How many times do we communicate with others, but don't understand? Sometimes, we need to look at what isn't being said to completely understand. If I would really looked, I would have seen Puppy keep looking at Maggie. But, I didn't really look. Instead, I was caught up in what was being said. This wise old dog taught me a lesson today - what someone is trying to communicate is not always said in words, but also in actions and behavior.

Time Saving Tips

I hate paperwork! If someone would come to my house unexpectedly, they would find piles of paper. It's on the table, counter, credenza, dresser - everywhere! (Now, if I knew you were coming, it would be hidden in a box somewhere.) I've tried different techniques, and even took an on-line course once, but they didn't fit my personality.

I need tips on how to deal with my paperwork, cheaply because I'm broke. I know someone has a system that will help even me, and thus, save me time and money, please! I'm desperate.

Okay, for my time saving tip, I know that they say to file your paid bills right away. If I do it is a question that I will leave unanswered for the moment.

Easy Recipe

There is nothing like home grown tomatoes. And my tomatoes are ripening on the vines as we speak. Here is one easy recipe that I love.

Marinated Tomatoes

Go out to that garden and pick how ever many tomatoes as you need to feed everyone. Wash & core them using the handy tomato corer I sell. Slice the tomatoes thinly with that great tomato knife that I also sell. Place in a bowl, and cover with Italian dressing. I prefer to make the Good Seasons Italian dressing. Let it marinate for at least 15 minutes before serving.

(Now, if you are interested in that great tomato corer or knife, email me at auntjanetjwlr@sbcglobal.net, and I will be happy to send you a catalog.)

Listen to the silence,
Aunt Janet

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  1. i too have been privileged to be in on dogspeak - never a word and so much is said - sorry you are celebrating the last days too soon - the last days are always too soon - now for paperwork - i too have no respect for paper, maybe it is my accounting secretarial background - my husband has large brown envelopes he glues a page of looseleaf of the outside then marks the day and amount paid or brought in and from what (income/expense sheet) - then he puts the receipts in the envelope - he does a new one every month - then when i go to do the taxes, or find a receipt because someone is try to double charge us, there it is all ready together - i am a farmer now, thank God i am not chasing paper all day - peace


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