Monday, July 22, 2013

Guaranteed Laugh

Tonight, while watching TV, Uncle Todd asked me where I got these cookies.  Cookies?  I looked over and saw our four-legged girls, Maggie and Abbie, sitting next to him with their tails going 240. Uncle Todd was happily munching away at a cookie, paper bag on his lap, muttering “These are good.”  I started to hysterically laugh, tears running down my face, and I told him.

I had bought the cookies the day before at the annual Braidwood Days … for the dogs.  They were snickerdoodles for dogs!  It took a minute, and another bite, for Uncle Todd to realize that the girls were trying to tell him something.  UT was eating their cookies!

He threw the bag at me, and my girls attacked me with kisses and paws.  And I couldn’t stop laughing!

I’m still laughing.  And you wonder why I love him so much!
Aunt Janet

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