Friday, May 05, 2006

Who will be the first to read my blog? Will it be you?

I'm hooked on blogs. I search for blogs on simplicity, saving money, frugality, making money, and recipes. They have given me helpful information. They are from other people, like me, who want a more fulfilled life. Soon, I will learn how to add my favorites to my blog. I just added the search bar!

Easy Recipe

BBQ Meatball Appetizer

1 pkg of frozen Italian meatballs
1 sm bottle of BBQ Sauce - I prefer a sweet BBQ sauce

Put in crockpot and heat until thoroughly heated. Usually takes a couple of hours.

Thought of the day

There is never a winter harsh enough to withhold the promise of spring.

Author Unknown

Money Savings Tip

Use vinegar and water to wash windows. I usually pour about 1-2 cups in a gallon of hot water, use a rag to apply, and wipe off with paper towels (less lint). Windows come out sparkling clean.

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