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Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive.
Bugs Bunny

Most people that I know tend to take life too seriously, including me. After all, deadlines need to be met, bills need to be paid, and people need our care. Although this is so true, we need to do these things, but why not enjoy the ride!

If only we could be like a child - looking at life through wonderous eyes, living for the moment, and laughing. The say laughing relieves stress, and adds years to your life. You know this is true. I know it. So, instead of taking our responsiblities so seriously, why don't we try to live for the moment, enjoy the moment, and laugh at the moment?

I have a condition. My friends call it Janet-isms. Out of the ordinary things just happen to me. I do nothing to provoke or cause them. They just happen. Some are good, some bad. To give a couple examples:

I bought some books at a jewelry rally. Months later (okay, a little late), I went to balance my credit card bill and thought I was charged twice. So, I called the number on the bill, thinking it would be a payment service company. Well, when the person answered the phone, I immediately knew I was wrong - it was his voice - the author of "When God Winks", producer of ABC After School Specials and Schoolhouse Rocks, a person who has won Emmy's. Imagine my astonishment when I found out that I had called his personal cell phone while he was boarding a plane. So, for a small fortune, I could give you his number. Hehe - I wouldn't do that, I don't think. Better idea - maybe I'll forward this blog to him. It shouldn't be too hard to get his email address, you think? (I wonder if somehow this could be a God Wink. Imagine - he reads my blog, falls in love with it, tells his friends, and I become famous.)

Another one - I went to the closing of my buildings, signed all the papers, and, guess what? The buildings didn't close. As my one friend put it, it can only happen to you.

Here's one - I went to a Dan Fogelberg concert, and had backstage passes. While I was backstage, I didn't meet Dan Fogelberg. I met his parents, the other band members, but not the main attraction. I didn't even see him. Later, my friends told me that he was standing right behind me. If I had turned around, I probably would have smacked him with my hand. Janet-isms.

I think that God gave me Janet-ism to make me laugh. If I fall in the mud, if I spill coffee on my college papers worth 50% of my grade, if a crazy person starts pounding on my window, if Father O starts pounding on my window while I'm starting to do a doun-ie (sp?) in the church parking lot, it's just normal - these things just happen to me. They happen out of the blue, when I'm taking life too seriously, and all I can do is laugh. Crying would be totally useless because I can't change them. As I said before, my one friend would say - "It can only happen to you."

Laugh, live, and love! After all, we might as well enjoy it!

Easy Recipe

Baked Ham

1 cup 7-up
1 can Pineapple pieces
Jar of Cherries (the ones for cocktails, not pies)

Mix all the juices together (including cherry juice). Glaze ham and bake according to instructions on ham. Continue pouring glaze over ham until ham is fully cooked.


When I was little, one tradition that my family participated in was going to church on Easter Saturday to bless baskets. The baskets would be overflowing with candy, colored eggs, butter, bread, salt, and polish sausage. In other words, it would really smell. I always understood the eggs, butter, bread, and salt, but I never got the polish sausage.

I loved that tradition. When my nieces and nephews were young, my sisters carried on the tradition. Sadly, I never did. Maybe because I though this was a tradition to carry on to your children, and I didn't have any. Today, I wish I had because of the memories. I wonder if my nieces and nephews are going to pass this tradition on to their children? I hope so - but they could leave out the polish sausage unless someone could explain to me why it is put in the basket. Anyone??

Sad note - I just found out that Dan Fogelberg died in 2007. Now, I have to buy his album so I can sing “Same Old Lang Syne”. I love that song. And I never got to meet him! I'm bummed!

Wishing that the Easter Bunny is good to you,
Aunt Janet

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  1. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Hi Janet,

    I love your Janet-ism... You are so funny and make me laugh with your often. I just think that God knows what you can handle and everything that you have gone through should lead up to a best seller some day. What a joy it is to have met you.



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