Thursday, April 02, 2009

Why Worry?

Worry is a misuse of imagination.
Dan Zadra

So many times we worry about things that don't really matter. We worry about our bills, our health, our children (or, in my case, lack of them). What good does the worry do? None. Does anything postive happen from worrying? No. So, why do we spend our precious time worrying?

I have to admit that I am a worrier. I worry about if I said the right or wrong thing to someone. I worry about not having the money to pay my bills. I worry about my health issues. Does it help any? No, it just creates more stress and sleepless nights. And I will get that migraine.

Lately, I've been trying to just be still, think of something else, or do something to take care of myself. It may be as simple as me repeating "God is in control", until the anxiety passes. I may read a book. I'm a romance novel lover, and they always get my mind off my problems. Or I may treat myself to an ice cream cone, or a plant for my garden. Remember, no matter how bad it is, we all deserve treats once in a while. Just be practical.

I once organized a concert night with my friends. I could get really good tickets to a band I love - REO Speedwagon. These friends and I have been to their concerts before, and I thought it would be nice to remanince about our high school days.

I had a couple of friends comment "How can you afford this?" Well, in reality I couldn't, and I started to feel guilty. Then, I had another person say "Good for you! You're finally doing something for yourself. Your money problems aren't going to go away overnight. The buildings may not sell for years. But, for gosh sake, you have to do something to treat yourself once in a while."

Boy, did I need to hear that! It is so true - we can go through life worrying, but it gets us nowhere. It can even cause more problems. You've heard "Stress is a killer." Well, from my own experience, stress does weigh down on your body - migraines, backaches, stomach problems, etc. As long as you are practical, don't go overboard, and enjoy yourself, once in a while, you do have to treat yourself.

So, have you treated yourself lately? Remember - it doesn't have to cost much, it can even be free. It's just has to be fun for you.

Go ahead - treat yourself today!

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