Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Unconditional Love

"Dogs give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive."
Gildna Radner

When you are sad or happy, mad or joyful, having a bad hair day or totally right day, your dog will always love you. They are always happy to see you! A dog will be there for you when the rest of the world has seemed to move to another planet. They are loyal, loving, and faithful.

I have been blessed with 5 dogs in my lifetime, 5 dogs that I could call my own. Each one filled my life with love. There was Lance, or Sir Lancelot of Peanuts, because my dad would only call him Peanuts since he was the runt of his litter. He was the one that first taught me about unconditional love. When my heart was broken, or I was celebrating a new love, he was there. Even though he was a smaller schnoodle, he stood up to the world, strutting his stuff, and loving me with his whole wagging being.

Then there was Allie, my princess and Lance's surprise "I can so be a father" daughter. Half Lhasa Apso and half Schnoodle, she was spunky and full of life, running here and there, but always stopping for a kiss. She stayed longer than her time so my heart wouldn't hurt any worse than it was already hurting, because of...

Sheba, my lady. She was my protector. Half German Shepherd and half Husky, she watched over her domain with passion, and played with as much passion. She loved children that grew up with her, and all stray animals that came into her domain. Her uncle was known to come and take her for rides, and I swear she would jump the fence and run just so she could get a ride on the way home. She died when I wasn't ready. Allie, old and weak, hung on for a couple of months to help ease my pain.

Then came Puppy - an angel sent straight from heaven! She's the peacemaker, the protector, the nursemaid. She breaks up fights, protects the weaker animals in the family, and is a wonderful nursemaid when someone is sick. In the months before Allie died, Puppy would put her nose under Allie's belly and help her stand up. This is why I believe that she is an angel sent to me!

After Sheba and Allie, I thought my heart would never heal. See, every time I asked God for a baby, He sent me another animal to mother. And now, two were gone in such a short time. I did not know His plans. Maggie was on her way! Maggie is my free spirit! Figured out how to get out of her crate within the first month! Smart, never leaves me alone, needs constant attention, loves to get into trouble, but loves to learn. She keeps 12 year old Puppy on her toes and young at heart!!

If we could only show others this kind of love - what a different world this would be!

Money Saving Tip

Never, ever leave a dog alone with a simmering crockpot. No matter how good the dog is OR how many times you have left them alone with the crockpot before, he or she will someday end up being the worst dog in the world (even worse than Marley).

Our Maggie ate our whole Christmas ham while we were seeing "Marley and Me" on Christmas Day. She took it right out the crockpot, unplugged it, and shared it with her dog mom and 3 brother cats. At least, she had the Christmas spirit.

We came home to a big mess (she got sick), no ham, a burnt nose, and Maggie with a stomach that was twice as big as usual, moaning "I ate too much!" She was so pathetic looking that we didn't have the heart to get mad at her. Come on, we just saw "Marley and Me", and Maggie won the Worst Dog competition hands down!

Food is expensive, and people food isn't good for dogs. So, to save money, make sure that the dog never is left unintended with a crockpot.

Money Making Tip

Blogs! I make money on the advertising you see in my blog. Some advertises pay me if you click on their site, some if you sign up, and some if you buy something. One cool site is Smilebox - you can try it before you buy it! It's a fun site, and has really cool scrapbook pages!

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Other Money Making Tips

Home-based businesses - I have three. I sell jewelry (my passion), cooking utensils, and tasty foods. If you would like to hear about any of these, email me. I'd be happy to send you a catalog or direct you to my websites. If you work them, they make money, especially the jewelry. Women love jewelry!!! New catalogs are coming out soon!

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  1. Mandie2:49 AM

    Aww... your blog made me cry! Oh how I miss Sir Lancelot who likes to sing and dance alot! Or Alli alli alli! All of your fur children have been like cousins to me! I am so thankful to have the compasion for animals that I do... I think I get it from you... ok, I have to click now so you can make money! love ya!


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