Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life is Precious

          Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
          Life is beauty, admire it.
          Life is bliss, taste it.
          Life is a dream, realize it.
          Life is a challenge, meet it.
          Life is a duty, complete it.
          Life is a game, play it.
          Life is a promise, fulfill it.
          Life is sorrow, overcome it.
          Life is a song, sing it.
          Life is a struggle, accept it.
          Life is a tragedy, confront it.
          Life is an adventure, dare it.
          Life is luck, make it.
          Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
          Life is life, fight for it.
                    Mother Teresa

Life is so precious that it must be lived fully each day. After difficult times in life, we become awakened to the truth of these statements.

Last night, my Maggie had a seizure that lasted over 2 hours. I prayed over her. I also prayed for mothers who had children that suffer from seizures, so that God gives them strength and faith. My Maggie has 4 feet - I could only imagine what goes through a mother's mind with a child who has 2. (If you'd like to see a picture of Maggie, read the post Maggie and the Christmas Ham.)

Live your life to the fullest, live with passion, love with passion, and be inspired by the words of Mother Teresa!

Money Savings Tip

I found a new blog, and, in the process, made a new friend. Her name is Stephanie, and her blog is theCouponGame.blogspot.com, The Coupon Game ... learning to be a better steward of God's money - one coupon at a time!

She shows how to use coupons to save money, and gives lots of coupon links. She even tells you how you can get some things for FREE! Check out her website! I'll let you know on Sunday how much $$ her blog helped me save on my groceries.

Until we meet again,
Aunt Janet

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