Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In Times of Need

Refusing to ask for help when you need it is
refusing someone the chance to be helpful.
Ric Ocasek

Pride can sometimes be a foolish thing. We are too proud to let someone else know our woes, and too proud to ask for help. Our stubbornness can cause us many restless nights worrying.

On the other hand, most people will help a family member or friend in need. In fact, we usually feel good after we help someone. Being human and not mind readers, sometimes we do not know when the need is great. Many times we may help too much, doing for others what they can do for themselves, or we expect something in return. If you help others, do it unselfishly with no strings attached. From my own experience, it's hard when someone doesn't do what you expect - do work, pay you back, etc. After many disappointments, I needed to teach myself to give without expecting since we cannot control other's actions.

If you have a need, share it. Some angel may be listening that is more than willing to help. Be sure it really is a need that you cannot take care of yourself, and never take a gift and use it unwisely. And, lastly, always pay it forward. Someone always needs an angel!

To all the angels in my life, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Someday, somehow, somewhere, someone will repay you for your kindness. Tears well up in my eyes when I think of how unselfishly you gave. You, my angels, will truly be blessed!

Hopefully, with God's help and your prayers, this chapter in my life - this financial burden - will soon be over. I'll be where I started, no richer or poorer, with a good credit score again (after a couple of years), knowing in my heart that I was meant to help someone in need. I again will have the ability to help others in need. Please God, don't let me ever go in debt again, ever!

Money Savings

This might not seem like it goes under money savings, but it could save you on interest. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot meet all your loan and credit card bills, call the companies. Tell them your situation in detail. For me, I explained how I inherited the money pit that refused to sell, I work full time and have 4 part time businesses, and I cannot afford to pay the current amount. Okay, I shed some tears. They were real!

In my situation, about half of the companies were willing to work with me. I did need to do an income/expense sheet for most of these companies, showing that my expenses outweigh my income. They lowered the interest rate (some drastically) and the amount of payment due each month. Usually, a payment plan was set up, and some of the companies take it right out of my checking account each month.

Don't be afraid. Just ask!

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